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5 Sure-Fire Signs Your Website Needs an Upgrade

A new website is a huge commitment – and not just financially. It takes time to write content, brainstorm how the site should function, determine who your audience is, and understand how they will navigate through the site. Since your website is one of the primary ways potential customers interact...

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5 Internet Branding Mistakes You’re Making Without Even Realizing It!

With all of the features and platforms available on the Internet, it isn’t always easy to stay consistent across every account. But to keep your brand strong and identifiable to online viewers, creating a coherent, recognizable online presence is key. Often, businesses post content and interact...

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Is Your Facebook Account Secure?

Have you ever noticed some weird things happening on your Facebook account? Maybe you got a notification that you “liked” a page but you don’t recall doing that. Perhaps your chosen language turned to Chinese for a day but you don’t speak the language…? These and many other little quirk...

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