Plan a Seasonal Marketing Campaign in 3 Simple Steps

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Many businesses offer products or services that are in the highest demand during a certain time of the year. For these companies, that make the bulk of their revenues during their prime seasons, an effective seasonal marketing campaign is critical.

Planning a seasonal campaign takes a lot of time, which unfortunately is why many smaller brands miss the mark, letting opportunities come and go without making the most of them. Stay ahead of your peak seasons with these three steps.

1. Start planning for your seasonal opportunity at least three months in advance. If you are attending a trade show in May, start planning now! If you are launching a new product in April, start planning now!

2. Nail down the messaging. Like any other marketing campaign, the messaging in a seasonal campaign is important. Think about your audience and the story you want to tell. What emotions do you want to create? What is the call-to-action? What is your end goal?  Finally, choose effective mediums based on past advertising insights and previous successful campaigns.

3. Establish a schedule and execute! With seasonal campaigns timing is key, which is why we recommend starting your planning so early. An effective schedule will ensure your campaign reaches the right audience at the right time. No more afterthoughts or missed seasonal opportunities.

Do you need assistance planning a seasonal campaign? We can help! Contact us at 780-800-0052 for your free planning session.

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