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Can I Pay to Rank Higher on Google?

In this episode of In the Bubble, Jason answers a commonly asked question, can you pay to rank higher on Google? Many of our clients have asked us if paying for Google Ads will improve their domain authority and how well they rank in Google searches. Jason explains why paying for Google ads doesn...

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5 Internet Branding Mistakes You’re Making Without Even Realizing It!

With all of the features and platforms available on the Internet, it isn’t always easy to stay consistent across every account. To keep your brand strong and identifiable to online viewers, creating a coherent, recognizable online presence is key. Businesses will often post content and interact o...

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5 Things to Consider Before Building an e-Commerce Website

Did you know that Canadians are amongst the most active e-Commerce consumers? Recent statistics indicate that 76-80% of us shop online. Excluding travel, an estimated $40 billion was spent online by Canadian consumers in 2019, with sales climing higher and higher due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With ...

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A web developer creating a site map.

5 Tips for Hiring a Web Designer

Choosing a web designer can be a big decision! You want to find someone who has experience, is willing to listen to your specific needs and wants, and who will also give you advice and ideas on how to make your new website shine! We've compiled a list of tips to ensure you get the best results from ...

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